Terraces and green roofs

There is often little space for green areas in the city center. An ideal solution are the green roofs. Those options are not only beautiful to look at, they also offer many advantages. They are useful for water storage, temperature regulation, sound insulation, air purification, and the promotion of biodiversity.

But what is a "green roof"?

A “green roof” is an artificial system that provides a natural green space, created by adding plants to a growing medium composed of layers that fulfil different functions, such as irrigation, drainage and root barrier.

This system is installed on the roofs of every type of buildings and they are partially or totally covered with vegetation, either in soil or in an appropriate growing medium, using technologies that improve the habitat and save energy consumption. They also fulfil an ecological, sustainable and respectful function for society and environment.

This new trend contributes to reduce solar heating, improves the air quality and reduces CO2 levels. In addition, they also help to combat noise pollution.

In Switzerland, you can find the oldest green roof, created in 1919. In France, there is a huge green roof of 8.000 square meters incorporated in a new museum. You can find them worldwide in places such as the new building of the Academy of Sciences of California, Iceland, Buenos Aires, Chile … All of them demonstrate that this technique is a magnificent contribution to improve the quality of the air, capturing the CO2 that is emitted every day at the cities. It is a way of reducing the CO2 that we normally do not take into account and which has been increasing excessively in the last decades.

At Decokó 2 Natural, we have a team of professionals who will help you to adopt a specific system for your roof or ceiling, as well as for blocks of buildings and any other spaces where you can implement a “little piece of nature” to contribute to our environment.