About us

Decokó 2 Natural, is the continuity and prolongation of our work, with a matured, reflected and transformed approach, adapted to the moment of life in which we live, where is so important to make the conservation of our environment, saving it and making society aware of the importance of guaranteeing the protection of the planet and its natural resources.

We are aware that since the origin of life millions of years ago, the uncontrolled use of mineral resources, the destruction of forests, the growth of agriculture, intensive livestock farming … The unstoppable development of cities has led to almost unstoppable levels of deterioration of many ecosystems, however, when the environment and natural resources are well managed, they can be the basis for sustained and inclusive growth, contributing decisively to the evolution of a safe environment.

At Decokó 2 Natural, we have made a selection of suppliers committed solely and exclusively to the idea of conserving our planet and guaranteeing that all the industrial fabric we use comes from sustainable crops, but also helps to guarantee the existence of more adapted places. Thereby it creates jobs and helps to rise environmental security, and also strengthens a sector in which we are the first one’s exporting and we keep growing.

All our suppliers have the SGS-PEFC/COC-1283 certification. This certification (forest product chain of custody certification), allows us to demonstrate that the wood we sell comes from well-managed forests and controlled sources. As well as all the products used in the manufacturing process of the furniture, which are biodegradable and respectful with our environment.

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